What we believe about Real Estate as an Asset Class

Real Estate is a relatively inefficient asset class

This is caused by the heterogeneous nature of the products, the lack of a central market and the use of the traditional property evaluation processes, which do not mirror what is found in capital markets.

Real Estate is a financial asset

Real Estate has a series of cash flows, some of which have fixed interest elements and some of which are equity-like, depending on lease structure. Property is therefore influenced by many of the same factors that affect capital markets and cannot be appraised in isolation of other asset classes.

Research adds value

The characteristics of real estate itself, as well as the market mechanisms, means that research can add more value than in more efficient markets like equities and bonds because the market is more opaque and more pricing anomalies exist.

Asset and property management add value

Real Estate is also the only major asset class where value can be added (or subtracted) after purchase. Real Estate is normally lumpy, relatively illiquid and relatively expensive to transact, which means that trading is less important than other asset classes. With performance driven predominantly by income growth over time, asset management and property management are extremely important.