Investment Philosophy

Client objectives and the maximisation of risk adjusted returns

Our investment philosophy is driven by our need to meet the objectives of our clients and our aim is to maximise investment returns within the client’s required risk profile.

Focus on growth of income and timing of transactions

We believe that investment returns are maximised by focusing on the growth of income over time and can be further enhanced by excellence in the timing of purchases and sales.

Forecast changes to leases, building quality and locations over time

Recognising, measuring and explicitly forecasting the impact of change through time requires a rigorous and quantitative research based approach. At property level, we identify the lifetime cash flows that each property will produce based on its quality and specification which, in turn, is a driver of the type and length of lease that each building can achieve. We then explicitly identify and assess risks. In aggregate, this feeds up into our portfolio strategy to ensure that we deliver the appropriate risk adjusted returns for the client.