Social Responsibility

We take seriously our responsibility to the environment and commitment to society at large. With buildings accounting for 40% of global carbon emissions, we must do more. Throughout our organisation, our teams are dedicated to implementing investment strategies and asset and property management initiatives that reduce the impact our properties have on the environment.

But we believe our responsibility goes far beyond traditional narrow goals centred on energy, water and waste. We also consider the influence of real estate in the wider context and think about the built environment, the impact property has on the community and how our business can drive positive social change.


Most importantly, we see this as a means of driving higher returns, not as a cost centre. Not a compliance exercise but something that creates a sustainable competitive advantage for our properties and our business.

Our socially responsible objectives are embedded within our company culture and driven by the commitment of our teams.


Supporting the UN PRI

We are proud to be a signatory of The United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).

The PRI Initiative is an international network of investors working together to put six Principles for Responsible Investment into practice.

Its goal is to understand the implications of sustainability issues for investors and support signatories to incorporate these into their investment decision-making and ownership practices. By implementing the Principles, signatories contribute to the development of a more sustainable financial system.

The Initiative has quickly become the leading global network for investors to learn about responsible investment and collaborate with their peers, companies and policymakers to generate sustainable, long-term investment returns for their clients and beneficiaries.


The PRI Mission

“We believe that an economically efficient, sustainable global financial system is a necessity for long-term value creation. Such a system will reward long-term, responsible investment and benefit the environment and society as a whole. The PRI will work to achieve this sustainable global financial system by encouraging adoption of the Principles and collaboration on their implementation; by fostering good governance, integrity and accountability; and by addressing obstacles to a sustainable financial system that lie within market practices, structures and regulation.”

We encourage others to adopt the principles: