Environmental and Energy Policy

Cording Real Estate Group Ltd Environmental and Energy Policy

Cording Real Estate Group is a vertically integrated real estate business which provides investment, asset and property management services.

Cording Real Estate Group accepts that, as a real estate business, we have a duty to understand our environmental and energy performance and acknowledge the impacts (both direct and indirect) we have upon the environment. Our response to environmental issues is practical and pragmatic and reflects our desire to be a responsive, flexible and collaborative manager.

We believe that the incorporation of environmental and energy performance into both long term plans and day-to-day operational management is critical for success in reducing environmental impact.  As a result, we have established a proactive environmental and energy management approach aligned with the principles of ISO14001 and ISO50001. This ensures that environmental and energy issues are integrated into daily operations including property and asset management, acquisition/disposal management and refurbishment and redevelopment activities. Our overall goal is to operate in an environmentally sustainable manner throughout our UK activities.

We are committed to:

  • Continual improvement in both environmental and energy performance
  • Pollution prevention
  • Complying with applicable legal requirements and other requirements
  • Using natural resources efficiently
  • Managing waste appropriately
  • Ensuring that data (energy, water and waste) and resources are available to enable achievement of objectives and targets
  • Establishing a system of Key Performance Indicators to evaluate environmental and energy management system improvement progress
  • Encouraging the sharing of good environmental practice across UK operations

Cording Real Estate Group aim to apply the principles of best environmental and energy practice in the design, planning, development, refurbishment and management of our buildings where feasible. Incorporating energy and environmentally efficient products and services into property refurbishment and redevelopment is an area of importance for Cording Real Estate Group. 

Objectives and targets have been established across our business to address significant environmental and energy risks and improvement plans put in place to achieve our goals. The key focus for improvements will be upon energy, water, waste and greenhouse gas emissions.

A system has been implemented to track legislative changes.  This approach will ensure that we will meet our commitment to comply with legislation and benefit from prompt planning and adoption. 

The overarching responsibility for the environmental and energy programme sits with the Chief Executive Officer. All employees, consultants and contractors will be made aware of our policy and commitments where appropriate. Importantly, staff will be encouraged to embrace their own obligations and to promote environmentally responsible behaviour where possible.

A review of the policy, the EMS, objectives and targets will be completed on an annual basis.

November 2016